Customized tofu cat litter  


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Features :
1.Our cat litter is made from tofu, it is non-toxic, non-irritating, no pollution, good for environment. It is the most ideal cat litter for your choice.
2. tofu cat litter have a good ability to eliminate odor caused by pets' feces and urine. It can keep the air fresh, both you and your pet will have a wonderful mood in the fresh atmosphere. Beside the original scent (or no scent), we also have various scents for your choice, such as apple, lemon, strawberry, peppermint, baby-Johnson, international scent and so on.
3. Our tofu cat litter have a good absorption. It can absorbed the pet's excrement in few seconds, curb the growth of bacteria, which will keep the environment dry, clean, safe.
4. Our tofu cat litter can clump fast and strongly in short time. It is very easy to scoop out.
5.Soft texture, low dust, protests out feline friend’s paws and respiratory tractCustomized tofu cat litter


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