China Bromine-antimony Flame Retardant Masterbatch  


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XS-HFFR-M9185G (FR Bromine-antimony Masterbatch for PA)
XS-HFFR-M9185G is a high concentration DBDPE & ATO flame retardant of functional masterbatch, which is for EVA resin. It could be widely used for PA6, PBT, PP, PE system of Brominated flame retardant, makes the final products with excellent and stable performance.
It is a commonality Bromine-antimony Flame Retardant Masterbatch.
Appearance--White particle
Bromine-antimony %%85±0.5
Volatility (105℃/2hr)%≤0.3
Base masterial--EVA
Physical Properties
● It is easily for processing and dispersion, compared to common powder type flame retardant of Bromine-antimony. With lower content of Bromine-antimony, but the same flame retardancy and better mechanical properties during processing.
● Meet the dust-free requirement, with very flexible operation of transportation and mixture. It could extremely increase the stability of product quanlity and decrease the processing cost and production spoilage.
● It could be extruded directly by single screw machine to decrease the processing cost.
● It should be universal, could be widely used for PA6, PBT, PP, PE systems, and such tougheness or strengthened flame retardant systems.
Usage Suggestion
The product could be mixed directly with raw materials before twin screw extruder processing.
Suggest to 1:1 to replace common powder type flame retardant of Bromine-antimony.
Package and Storage
Store in ventilated, dry place, avoid direct sunlight.
【Typical Application】
▲XS-FR-M9185G for PA6 (1:1 replace powder)
EBS + 168 + 10980.8%0.8%
ATO powder (99.8%)5%-
Antifogging agent0.2%0.2%
ProjectTest StandardATO powder (99.8%)XS-FR-M9185G
Tensile Strength, MPaGB/T 1040-06136146
Breaking Elongation, % GB/T 1040-063.163.78
Flexural Strength, MPaGB/T 9314-00190.5215.9
Flexural Modulus, MPaGB/T 9314-0087449087
HDT (1.82MPa), ℃GB/T1634.1-04199.7201.6
Izod Impact Strength (notched), KJ/m2GB/T 1043.1-0877.6108.4
Flammablity Grade (0.8mm)UL-94V-0V-0
Spiral length, cm--8.3314
The above data are only for reference. Customer should change the formula according to actual dosage and application, may contact our technical engineer for details.China Bromine-antimony Flame Retardant Masterbatch


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