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DX350 L.V. Medium-duty Semi-automatic Power Loads Feeding Indirect Fastening Tool。
SDT-A301 (DX350)
Description: DX350 Semi-automatic, continuous powder-actuated fastening tool
Applications & Features:
●Indirect effect (piston)
●Widely used for concrete, metal, brickwork and rocky structures
●Fastening of doors and windows, interior finishing and electrical engineering
●Automatic power loads feeding
Tool Weight: 2.3KG
Power loads used: .27 Cal. S1 (6.8x11) strip
Drive pin used: PD, DN, EDN, PDTH, DNTH, PDW, DNW, M6, M8, Threaded studs, Angle clip pin, Ceiling clip pin, Conical washer pin
Established in 1998, Easy Metal is one of the leading dx450 l.v. indirect fastening tool with silencer manufacturers and suppliers in China. Offering quotation consultation service, we warmly welcome you to buy discount and competitive price products made in China from our Low Velocity Indirect Powder Actuated Tool


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